Amazing Sword Swallowing Feat Expand
Amazing Sword Swallowing Feat

Amazing Sword Swallowing Feat

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A gleaming 19" metal blade appears to slide right down your throat, COMPLETELY DOWN to the metal handle. Use this trick sword to imitate real skill, or as a gag. Looks great from all angles and is VERY CONVINCING even from a few feet away. Specially made thin metal blade collapses (rolls) back on itself, which allows you to imitate the feats of a genuine sword swallower. Individually boxed, wooden handle, metal blade, complete with instructions. Recommended for grown-up audiences only.

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Spirit Lights- One size

New and Improved!!!

The amazing new U.S. Patented product called Houdini Spirit LightsTM is probably one of the most visual and acts enhancing props that you can have in your magic arsenal!  A red light appears, disappears, and changes places by magic.  Easy to do. Requires no skill. 



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