Linking Rings Set 5 in Expand
Linking Rings Set 5 in

Linking Rings Set 5 in

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The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection in this complete 8 ring set. The seams in rings are almost impossible to find.

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These professional grade linking rings are high polished in stainless steel. They shine beautifully and make perfect chimes when used in performance. Included with this ultimate set of linking rings is a step by step teaching DVD on your journey into the Linking Rings. Learn more than 30 Tricks, Tips, and Moves from a professional magician on the included DVD.

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(1) One Clip Monte

 The magician shows a card with five cards printed on it. The magician turns over the card and asks the spectator to put a paper clip on the red card. He gets "clipped" because he can't find the red card. 



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