Hippity Hop Rabbits 10 in Expand
Hippity Hop Rabbits 10 in

Hippity Hop Rabbits 10 in




A classic Kid Show trick that gets them screaming! Show two rabbits - one is white, the other is black - and cover them with containers. The rabbits magically change places. It is repeated and the audience starts to think they know-how-you-do-it.  There is a surprise finish; one rabbit changes to blue and the other yellow.  Easy to do.

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The kids will catch you and scream! But ignore them and remove the tubes to show that the rabbits indeed have changed places. Repeat the effect, which only gets the kids screaming louder! Finally, remove the tubes and, after a bit of humorous byplay, turn the rabbits around to show that their back sides are a completely different color . . . blue and yellow! A great kid shows stage trick that pays for itself. Well made, 9" rabbits

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