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Fraidy Cat Rabbit

Fraidy Cat Rabbit

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A parlor illusion that is sure to fool your audience. A good time to show your audience that

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Display a wood frame, and open the front & back swinging doors.
Now show a wood plaque that fits inside the frame with the picture of a black rabbit’s face.
This plaque is put into the frame.
The BLACK rabbit changes WHITE with fright! It changes back to black again.
Finally, after several color changes, they realize you are turning the frame around.
Take the plaque out and turn it around. The white rabbit face is no longer there.
Show the plaque, both front and back showing the black rabbit on one side and the back of the black rabbit on the other.

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Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle

Label included 

The magician shows a beer bottle and places it into an empty paper bag. PRESTO, he crushes the bag--the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 9"" high X 2.5"" diameter



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