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Duck Bucket

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A bucket is shown empty and handed to a spectator in the audience.  Magician instantly makes a duck (or another animal) appear in the bucket!

A great stage effect.

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The bucket measures approx. 10" tall 13" in diameter and weighs approx. 10 lbs. 

Hardwood bucket with copper staves is shown empty and held by a member of the audience. When the lid is opened you can pop out a duck, rabbit, doves, or other livestock. This can also be used as a vanish. Deceptive, even up close, and professionally constructed. 

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Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle- Empty

Bottle dimensions: 7.5"" high X 2.25"" diameter.

An empty bottle of COCA-COLA is shown, placed in a paper bag and PRESTO, magician crushes the bag, the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.



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