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Hindu Water Vases

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 5 vases are shown empty. Mysteriously, one vase becomes filled with water! The water is poured into another vase. Then a second vase is filled with water until all 5 vases are filled. Add food coloring to increase the visual aspect of this effect!

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An up to date model of the Germain Water Vases. Performer displays five highly polished aluminum vases. They are similar in design to cocktail shakers, 7" high. All vases are shown empty. Mysteriously, one becomes filled with water. The water is poured into another vase, then a second one fills with water until finally, all vases are filled. Food coloring added to the water makes for even greater effect. If preferred, rice, confetti or candies can be used. Clever handling and routine make this miracle possible. The five vases nest for easy packing. Complete with vases and instructions.

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Bedspring Puzzle

OBJECT OF PUZZLE - Remove ring from spring - both ends of spring welded.


Dimensions: 5" x 2"  



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