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Vanishing Cane

Vanishing Cane

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The Magician twirls a Cane between the fingers.
Then he taps it on the floor to prove it's solid.
Holding the Cane on each end, it instantaneously changes into two large silk scarfs. Used by professional magicians.  Easy to do.

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Shipping Rates

  • Professional Quality       
  • No Danger In Handling  
  • Light-Weight
  • Fast Silent Operation     
  • Unbreakable                  
  • Safe Operation Oil Not Required            
  • Harmless To Silks               
  • Smaller Hand Load
  • Durable and Long Lasting         
  • Will Not Cut The Hands

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Blank Deck/ Mental Photography Deck

A deck of playing cards is displayed; they look normal but, PRESTO they all become blank on both the front and back.  PRESTO they are changed back to a regular deck.  Easy to do.  Comes complete with easy to understand instructions.



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