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Acrobatic silks is a comedy classic.  Magician displays a rod with 3 silk scarfs attached to it.  There are 2 blue at one end and in the middle and 1 red at the opposite end.  Magicians make the red one change places by magic with one of the blue--with a surprise finish. 

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One of the best comedy effects ever invented.  Magicians show a rod with 2 blue silk scarfs attached to one end and in the middle with a red silk at the opposite end.  He announces, "I will make the red scarf change places by magic."  He puts the rod and scarfs behind his back for a moment and then shows the red silk is now at the opposite end where the blue was in the beginning.  "I will now make it go back."  Again he puts the rod and scarfs behind his back for a moment--and the red scarf has returned to the other end.

The audience begins to laugh as they think they know-how-he-does it by simply turning the rod around when behind his back.  For a surprise finish the Magician waves his hand over the scarfs in full view of the audience and INSTANTLY the red scarf jumps to the middle with the two blue scarfs at each end!  Great for children's show.  Fun & easy to do.

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Vanishing Miller Lite Bottle

Label included 

The magician shows a beer bottle and places it into an empty paper bag. PRESTO, he crushes the bag--the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 9"" high X 2.5"" diameter



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