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Arm Wrist Chopper

Arm Wrist Chopper



A chopper or guillotine is displayed.  Spectator is requested to place their hand in the opening.  POW--the blade seems to pass right through their arm without cutting it.  Safe & easy to do.

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The Chopper can be performed completelySURROUNDED! Imagine placing a carrot in the wrist opening of the stock and cutting it in two, with one easy thrust of the blade. The spectator places their wrist in the same opening and the blade passes through the wrist without harm. Once the stock is locked about the spectator's wrist there is no way to harm them.

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Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle- Empty

Bottle dimensions: 7.5"" high X 2.25"" diameter.

An empty bottle of COCA-COLA is shown, placed in a paper bag and PRESTO, magician crushes the bag, the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.



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