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Shot Glass in the dark

Shot Glass in the dark



 A wooden tray that holds a shot glass, a drinking glass, and six different colored golf balls on it.  Spectator names a color and magician covers everything with a scarf.  Whatever color is named, the colored ball appears inside the shot glass under the drinking glass!  Impossible made possible!

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 The six golf balls are mixed & moved on top of the tray in different positions. The large glass is put over top of the shot glass, securing the shot glass inside a chamber. Have the spectator select one of the six colored golf balls, and call out the color. Pick up the tray and cover it with the foulard, and hand the spectator the entire covered tray. Ask them to concentrate on their colored golf ball, you remove the foulard covering the tray. ** Their selected golf ball is now INSIDE the shot glass which is covered by the larger glass! Everything Supplied; Tray, Both Glasses, 6 Golf Balls & Foulard

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Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle- Empty

Bottle dimensions: 7.5"" high X 2.25"" diameter.

An empty bottle of COCA-COLA is shown, placed in a paper bag and PRESTO, magician crushes the bag, the bottle has vanished! Easy to do.



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