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A large die is placed in a box with two doors.  Magician says it will disappear, but the audience thinks they-know-how he does it.  Suddenly the die disappears--box is empty.  Die appears in the magician's hat!  Great for any show.

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Put the 'Die' on the right side of the box. Now close the doors and tilt the box slightly to the left. They hear the 'Die' slide! Open the right door, the 'Die' has vanished! The kids yell and scream "You just slid the box" Close the door and the 'Die' comes back! The kids yell and scream again! Have some fun with the routine for as long as you want. Finally, you open ALL FOUR doors, the 'Die' has vanished completely! Now reach into the top hat, and produce the 'Die' Perfect Sliding Gimmick in Base! High Gloss Lacquer!

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Vanishing Coca Cola Bottle- Full

The magician shows a full bottle of COCA COLA and places it into a paper bag.  PRESTO he smashes the bag, the bottle has vanished!  Easy to do.

Bottle dimensions: 7.5"" high X 2.25"" diameter 



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