4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks w/DVD Expand
4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks w/DVD

4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks w/DVD

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The magician displays a rope and cuts it into two pieces.  Wrapping the pieces around his hand he says the magic words and PRESTO it is restored and back into one piece.  Can be repeated.  Easy to do and amazing to see.

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This is great for baffling your audience.  You show a rope and then cut it into two pieces.  Wrapping it around your hand you say the magic words and mysteriously the rope is back into one piece!  Can be repeated.  There is a total of FOUR rope effects including tying a knot in a rope without letting go of the ends in this set.  Comes  complete with rope, the book of instructions and DVD teaching everything.  

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Book-Rope Ties and Escapes

HOUDINI shares his secrets in his book  full of all the rope tricks you can only imagine possible. Houdini's famous rope escapes and impossible rope magic. Includes pictures and illustrations of Houdini teaching you how to perform and master each rope effect.




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