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Linking Ropes

Linking Ropes




Magicians have three equal lengths of rope tied in circles.  With a magic pass, they will link and unlink and penetrate each other without untying the knots!  A great visual effect.  Resets immediately.  Easy to do.

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You've heard of the famous LINKING RINGS?  Here are the LINKING ROPES.  Magicians show three equal lengths of rope and ties them in knots so he has loops or circles of rope.  Somehow by magic, they become linked and unlinked without untying the knot  Easy to do.

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4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks w/DVD

The magician displays a rope and cuts it into two pieces.  Wrapping the pieces around his hand he says the magic words and PRESTO it is restored and back into one piece.  Can be repeated.  Easy to do and amazing to see.



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