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HOUDINI shares his secrets in his book  full of all the rope tricks you can only imagine possible. Houdini's famous rope escapes and impossible rope magic. Includes pictures and illustrations of Houdini teaching you how to perform and master each rope effect.


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Magical Rope Ties and Escapes (1921) by Harry Houdini Houdini is considered the most famous magician in the world. This is his classic work on how to perform ties and methods of escape from rope shackles, whose content range from the unpretentious Thumb Tie to the spectacular escape from being bound to a cannon wheel. Read this interesting text full of anecdotes of Houdini's experiences. A must have in any serious magic collection.

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Houdini Chain Escape

Now you can perform an ESCAPE made famous by HOUDINI.  A length of chain is examined along with a padlock.  Spectator wraps the chain around the magician's wrists and fastens it shut with a padlock.  PRESTO the Magician escapes and the padlock is still locked shut.  Everything can be examined both before and after.  Easy to do.



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