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Alcatraz the Puzzle

Alcatraz the Puzzle

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Can you solve the puzzle! Free the ball from its cage! 

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Magic Trick ? Puzzle ? Brain Teaser ? Maybe a Puzzle ? Invented and designed by a magician! It is a very simple looking item. A solid steel ball locked inside a cage made of brass bars. As a puzzle, hand it to the spectators and let them try and remove the ball from the cage. It simply can't be done unless you know the secret!

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Steel Ball and Tube with Book

As the diameter of the ball is greater than the tube, it is impossible for the ball to pass through the tube. Performer rests the ball at the edge of the tube. The ball begins to slowly sink into the tube. After a few moments it rises from inside the tube and rests at the edge as before. Performer can repeat this a few times, if he likes. Finally he passes the ball and tube for examination. 



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