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Instantly transform someone's beverage into totally non-edible sludge! Put into water, juice, milk or gels instantly.

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His thirst definitely won't be quenched when you hand him a bottle of water mixed with this instant gelling joke! With this special gel, you can instantly turn a beverage into a totally non-edible sludge. Yes, it's mean to give sludge to a thirsty man, but the laughs you get watching him trying to slurp it down will be priceless. Instantly transform someone's beverage Into totally non-edible sludge Practical jokers love this! Completely non-toxic.

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UFO [Ultra Floating Object]

             UFO or Ultra Floating Object allows you to float small objects!  This is the ultimate floating device! Set includes the device, instructional booklet, and DVD! 


Try our finest close-up/standup effect that you can use to float cards, coins, candy, and just about anything under the weight of a half dollar!



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