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Lecture by Ormond McGill

Lecture by Ormond McGill


This video is of a lecture Ormond McGill gave at the Las Vegas Close-up Convention in 1995. Anyone can teach tricks, but in this lecture he teaches the importance of presentation.

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Ormond McGill

Born: June 15th 1913

Died: October 19th 2005

            Ormond McGill was a hypnotist and magician. He loved and was loved by everyone he met. He was known worldwide and is still a recognized name, today.


          Throw in a section of philosophy and hypnosis and you truly have magic. This video has not been seen in years and comes to you the same way it was produced. This is a must see for any serious magician, hypnotist, or collector. If you knew Ormond, or even just heard of him, you will love this video.


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