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Interview with Alex Elmsley

Interview with Alex Elmsley


Watch an exclusive interview with Alex Elmsley.

In this video, you will get a rare chance to see the master at work. This video has been locked in a vault and finally rediscovered. The video was created, from the original tape, at the Las Vegas Close-up Convention in 1995.

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Alex Elmsley

Born: March 2nd 1929

Died: January 8th 2006


This video was captured in its original form with only minimal editing. This is not just magic, but a look into the mind of the great, Alex Elmsley. You will NEVER see this anywhere else.

Alex Elmsley was best known for his creation of a 4 card counting technique known as The Elmsley Count. In addition, he created many other effects, including Ghost Count and Point of Departure.

  • 1 hour inverview
  • 24 hour time limit


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