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This unique box was the invention of James Swoger with refinements by Viking. Here are two examples of possible effects: 1. Two coins are dropped into the box, a U.S. Quarter and a Nickel. The spectator names one of the coins, for example, the Nickel.

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The box is opened and the Nickel has vanished (no trick coins). Vanished coin is revealed and both coins are replaced and this time, the selected coin is made to VISIBLY penetrate the base of the box, falling into the spectator’s hand!
2. The box is wrapped in wrapping paper and is resting in your pocket. A marked coin is caused to vanish. The wrapped box is removed from your pocket and the paper wrapper removed. Inside the spectator finds his marked coin. 3. The box is shown empty. A coin has vanished and the box opened to reveal the missing coin. 4. A small brass ring is shown and dropped into the box. A shoelace or cord is introduced. A knot is tied onto the cord and in an instant, the same ring appears in the knot and the box is shown completely EMPTY! Expertly made in select walnut. Complete instructions for all the above routines. No sleight of hand. Can be combined with other effects such as our Quarter-Go Box or Brass Nest of Boxes. Very easy to perform.

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Nickel Squeeze

Nickel Squeeze An impossible penetration of coins through solid brass. Three solid pieces of brass are examined and assembled by the spectator into a small tube. Four nickels are placed into the tube and are stopped by the centerpiece of brass.



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