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You show four U.S. or Canadian nickels and place a brass cap over them. Presto they change to dimes!  NO sleight of hand.  Can be carried in the pocket.  Easy to do.


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A great classic in magic.  The magician shows four U.S. nickels (Canadian can be used) and places a brass cap over them.  Presto they change to dimes.

Four nickels are placed in a spectator's hand.  You place the brass cap over the coins and they pass through their hand by magic.

Comes complete with instructions for 30 tips & tricks.  Easy to do.  

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Funnel Vision

The lid is opened to show the inside of the case. Insert real quarters into the top of the funnel. When they pass through the tunnel they have shrunken into teeny-tiny quarters.

Comes with 5 miniature quarters.



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