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Slow Motion Bill Transposition Slow Motion Bill Transposition

Roger Klause's -Slow Motion Bill Transposition

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The best close-up magic in the world. The magician folds a $5 bill and a $1 bill then places them in a spectator's hand. The magician removes the $1 and places it in his hand. Instantly, the bills change places. (Money not included with DVD).

Bonus effect- Jimmy Grippo's Torn & Restored Dollar bill

 Topsy Turvey Bills 

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A great effect used by professional magicians and amateurs alike.  You show a $1 and $5 bill(s) and fold them.  Both bills are now placed in a spectator's hand.  You remove $1. and in a split second, it changes to the $5 and now the $1 is in the spectator's hand!  No sleight of hand.  Easy to do.

Comes complete with DVD instructions and two great bonus effects. the JIMMY GRIPPO Torn & Restored Dollar Bill and TOPSY TURVEY BILLS.  

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