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Slow Motion Bill Transposition
Slow Motion Bill Transposition Slow Motion Bill Transposition

Roger Klause's -Slow Motion Bill Transposition

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The best close-up magic in the world. The magician folds a $5 bill and a $1 bill then places them in a spectator's hand. The magician removes the $1 and places it in his hand. Instantly, the bills change places. (Money not included with DVD).

Bonus effect- Jimmy Grippo's Torn & Restored Dollar bill

 Topsy Turvey Bills 

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A great effect used by professional magicians and amateurs alike.  You show a $1 and $5 bill(s) and fold them.  Both bills are now placed in a spectator's hand.  You remove $1. and in a split second, it changes to the $5 and now the $1 is in the spectator's hand!  No sleight of hand.  Easy to do.

Comes complete with DVD instructions and two great bonus effects. the JIMMY GRIPPO Torn & Restored Dollar Bill and TOPSY TURVEY BILLS.  

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Wild Card

The magicians lays out a number of cards on the table and explains that one is the "Wild Card."  As he passes the cards through his hand, one by one day all change by magic to that "Wild Card."  Easy to do.



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