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The magician borrows a quarter (or another coin) and places it under a handkerchief. Next, he removes a gleaming brass box from his pocket

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Then the handkerchief is shaken out. The coin is gone. A spectator is invited to open the shiny brass box. Inside he finds another brass box, tightly closed. Inside the second box is found a third, and inside the third, a fourth, smaller box is discovered. Inside the final, smallest sealed brass box is discovered the missing coin - which can be marked for later identification if so desired. Each set comes complete with four precision-machined nesting brass boxes, the appropriate "something" and complete instructions.

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4 Easy & Amazing Rope Tricks w/DVD

The magician displays a rope and cuts it into two pieces.  Wrapping the pieces around his hand he says the magic words and PRESTO it is restored and back into one piece.  Can be repeated.  Easy to do and amazing to see.



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