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The magician borrows a quarter (or another coin) and places it under a handkerchief. Next, he removes a gleaming brass box from his pocket

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Then the handkerchief is shaken out. The coin is gone. A spectator is invited to open the shiny brass box. Inside he finds another brass box, tightly closed. Inside the second box is found a third, and inside the third, a fourth, smaller box is discovered. Inside the final, smallest sealed brass box is discovered the missing coin - which can be marked for later identification if so desired. Each set comes complete with four precision-machined nesting brass boxes, the appropriate "something" and complete instructions.

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Between Two Minds

The most sensational book in years. It's the greatest book for the mentalist-magician to see printed in over a quarter of a century.Between the covers of this cloth bound book are to be found the finest of modern day miracles by leading performers in this field of pseudo-mentalism. 

Effects that lean towards the supernatural and supernormal ... practical, and for use in your current magic act.



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