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Torn and Restored Bill

Torn and Restored Bill

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The Magic of Jimmy Grippo! A dollar bill is  given to the spectator to examine. The magician tears a hole about a half-inch from the bill, right before the eyes of the spectators, very slowly.  The magician gently massages the bill where the torn section is, with a blink of an eye the bill is completely restored! 

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How often are you asked, "Show me some magic?"  Don't be caught off-guard.  The was a favorite of legendary Las Vegas magician JIMMY GRIPPO.  You take a dollar bill and slowly tear a section from the center. Everybody can see it is torn.  The Magician slowly rubs the bill and it is restored back to normal with no visible hole.  Easy to do.  Can be done with paper money from other countries.  

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Comedy Funnel

Comedy Funnel - 6.5" tall Silver Colored. A classic comedy magic effect! The magician gets two volunteers on stage and makes water disappear.  He decides to reproduce the water--and has one spectator "pump" the water using the other spectator's arm.  Water pours out of the funnel.  It is a laugh riot!  One of the funniest things you can do in a magic show.  Easy to do.



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