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A popular trick used by both professional and amateur magicians alike. You display five pieces of blank paper and with a flick of your wrist, they change to real paper money!  Paper money for ANY country can be used.  Easy to do. Requires to skill.


Includes: Stage Props, Instructions, Photos and DVD

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Here is something that  can be used on stage, parlor, close-up, walk-a-round or just for fun.  You show five pieces of blank paper and with a flick of the wrists, they become real paper money!  Easy to do.  You can use paper money from any country.

Comes complete with the secret gimmick, instruction book and DVD.

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The magician has three spectators each selects a card.  They are then placed back into the deck.  The cards are now placed into a glass or cup and upon his command, each card rises one-by-one out of the deck!




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