Gypsy Yarn W/DVD Expand
Gypsy Yarn W/DVD

Gypsy Yarn W/DVD


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This deluxe professional routine comes with everything you need to perform the effect. Two specially made gimmicks, a CD with custom royalty free music tracks, thread, all the tools needed to prepare/perform the trick, a full script and the DVD that allows you to master every aspect of the routine and add it to your show.

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The DVD supplied with this package will allow you to add a masterpiece to your act without the 30 plus years of a learning curve it took Nick to perfect it. The video footage supplied with this package contains detailed instructions for both preparing and performing the ultimate version of this classic effect. Every detail and nuance of the routine are covered in this DVD and it is a virtual master class on performing this classic effect for an audience ranging from 5 to 500 people.

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