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Bundle Of Easy Magic

Bundle Of Easy Magic



Magic As A Hobby

Catalog of exciting magic tricks that you can do!

Paperback: 27 pages

Jiffy Coin

Have a coin signed and then appear in a rubber-banded sealed apparatus!

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Multiplying Rabbits

Sponge rabbits magically multiply!

Coin Con

Fun and easy to do! A coin is borrowed and placed on the magic base. The quarter and base are covered. When the cap is removed, the quarter is gone and in its place is a slug coin that reads "thanks for the quarter"!

Double Color Changing Handkerchief

Handkerchief changes colors instantly! This is a simple, yet powerful effect that can be learned quickly.

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DVD-Hypnotic Factor

Hypnotic Factor DVD - Bill Gladwell Bill Gladwell is "The Hypnotist™" The Hypnotic Factor from Hypnotist Bill Gladwell, the newest DVD project by MAK Magic. On this DVD, Bill Gladwell uses his 20 years experience on predicting and influencing the thoughts.




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