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A stocking full of fun. Lots of tricks for everyone.

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Includes the following magic:
  • Easy Card Magic Book
This book has 26 of the very best card tricks you can do with any deck.
  • Magic Floating Bill
Take out two one dollar bills (or other currency) and show them on both sides. Then place one of the bills across your outstretched palm. Slowly the bill rises from your palm. You pass the other bill around, over and under the floating bill to demonstrate there are no wires, strings or threads attached. The bill then slowly lowers until it is resting on your palm. Both bills are again shown front and back.
  • Magic Rubber band Illusion
The great spontaneous pocket magic that uses ordinary rubber bands. Take two rubber bands and link them together. Instantly, the rubber bands unlink right before the spectator's eyes. This trick is repeatable.
  • Magic Coin Slide
Great pocket trick. The magician places a penny into the slide and pushes it into the box then pulls it out. The penny has changed to a dime. Use the box to vanish, produce and do other magical effects.
  • Magic Spiked Coin
Show a small round coin case then push five spikes through a solid coin that is the case. This trick can be performed with a real half dollar and is completely self-working. This is a great trick for beginners.
  • Svengali Deck - Short & Long
Every other card is identical except one is shorter than the other.
  • Crystal Coin Case
A coin is marked by a spectator then placed in a sealed plastic container. The container is bound on all sides by rubber bands. The case is placed under a hanky and handed to a spectator. The coin has vanished and appears wherever you desire.

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Double Sided Quarter

Precision cutting slices two genuine quarters in half so two heads are obtained, the two heads are then carefully placed together making a double headed quarter (AKA Two Headed Quarter). The image shows the two sides. Think of the fun you could have with this at parties, the office or with that big mouth neighbor! Keep your two headed quarter with you and never lose a bet again! BOOK INCLUDED



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