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Houdini's Magic Show Set
Houdini's Magic Show Set

Houdini's Magic Show Set

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The Houdini Magic Show set contains some of the most popular starter tricks. You get the LINKING RINGS, CHINESE STICKS, CHAIN ESCAPE, CUT & RESTORED ROPE, ZOMBIE Floating Ball, etc.  Comes complete with both written & DVD instructions.

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 "Classic" Magic Tricks Included in the set:

  • 5 inch Chinese Linking Rings - Ancient magic trick where solid metal rings melt through solid metal to link and unlink from each other.
  • Houdini Chain Escape - Also Known as the Siberian Chain escape, this is  the same escape that Houdini used in his shows.
  • Chinese Sticks - Mysterious sticks where the strings are seemingly attached without touching each other.
  • Mini Zombie Ball - A floating ball that hovers under a hanky without any strings attached.
  • Cut and Restored Rope - A classic magic trick where the magician shows himself cutting a rope and magically restores it to one piece.  
  • Al Baker books with magic tricks he invented.  He was a headliner in the golden days of lyceum shows.


This set is recommended for ages 8 and up.

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American Flag Silk Blendo

The magician display three silk scarfs, red, white and blue.  He places these into his closed hand and PRESTO, when he opens his hand they change by magic in the flag of the United States of America!



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