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Houdini's Pocket Magic Set

Houdini's Pocket Magic Set

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Fun and easy to do! Tricks that you can carry around in your pocket and impress your friends and loved ones!

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This incredible pocket magic set comes with the following:

  • The Magic Signal
  • Penny's Magical Block
  • The Spiked Coin
  • Multiplying Rabbits
  • Psychic Die
  • Crystal Coin Case
  • Bunny Paddle (Houdini variation)
  • Ring and Spring
  • Pop Bottle Trick
  • 3 Shell Game

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Hand Buzzer

New Funny Shocking Hand Buzzer Shock Toy Joke Prank Description: Wind up Funny Shocking Toy which vibrates when the button is pressed Wind the Shocking Hand Buzzer and hide it in your palm. When someone shakes your hand they press the button and get a surprise. Ideal when meeting friends A harmless shock that will make scream and laughs Use at your own risk.



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