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Multi-Color Streamer Produce a LONG rainbow streamer from your empty fist! Then you can make the streamer vanish, & your hands are seen empty Produce the streamer from a rolled up dollar bill! This quality rainbow color silk streamer works great for the entertainer doing silk magic. The silk is about 1 5/8 inch wide and 40 inches long.

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(The width varies slightly) It is 100% silk made in China. Imagine producing this colorful silk streamer from your thumb tip, pocket, dove pan, change bag, small drawer box or any other production item. Pull it out slowly for the full effect. These silks are dyed in a rainbow of colors and then stitched. Folds very small but makes a fascinating production.

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Professor's Nightmare

The Magician displays three different lengths of rope--long, short and medium.  PRESTO:  They all become the same length!  With a wave of the hand suddenly they are back to long, short and medium.  Everything can be examined.  Easy to do.



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