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"How Gamblers Win" by Gerritt M. Evans (suggested reading #04-0827 The Mysterious Gambler - an introductory essay and The Man Who Was Erdnase - Loose Ends & Dead Ends). 

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A complete and scientific exposé of the manner of playing all the various advantages in the games of poker, all-fours, euchre, vingt-et-un, whist, cribbage, etc., as practiced by professional gamblers upon the uninitiated : together with a brief analysis of legitimate play / by A retired professional.

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The Second Deal and False Riffle Shuffle

Included on this DVD are - Second Deal Intro, Preparation of the Hands, What cards to use, Table Second Deal, OverHand Second Deal, Pitch Second Deal, One-Hand Second Deal, Burn Second Deal, Why to use Second Deal, False Riffle Shuffle.

Featuring Geno Munari.



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