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How Gamblers Win

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"How Gamblers Win" by Gerritt M. Evans (suggested reading #04-0827 The Mysterious Gambler - an introductory essay and The Man Who Was Erdnase - Loose Ends & Dead Ends). 

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A complete and scientific exposé of the manner of playing all the various advantages in the games of poker, all-fours, euchre, vingt-et-un, whist, cribbage, etc., as practiced by professional gamblers upon the uninitiated : together with a brief analysis of legitimate play / by A retired professional.

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Bro. Hamman's Lost Works

"Brother John Hamman's Lost Works" contains six DVDs with over 97 original card effects, both performed and explained by Bro. John Hamman. Over 11 hours of footage. Invaluable to the close-up card magician. Highly recommended.



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