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Wonder Deck

Lock Deck W/Dvd

Gambler's Deck

Bicycle Deck Regular

Easy Card Book

Close- UP Pad  (A great savings when bought in the CARD BUNDLE.)

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Wonder Deck:  A perfect "Forcing Pack" yet the cards are shown to be all different. So subtle that it appeals to all, yet so simple a child can operate it. Perfect for tricks where it is necessary to force a card. Comes with a book of 77 different card tricks and card deck included! 

Lock Deck: A card is selected by a spectator and the spectator holds and locks the deck with a ring, never letting the cards out of his hands. A magic pass is given by the magician, and the spectator fans through the cards face up, card by card. The card has vanished! It can be found in the card case that was in full view, or wherever!

Gambler's Deck: New! Gambler's Stripped, Marked and Stacked Maiden Back Deck! Comes with a book with more than 101 tricks featuring material from both Geno Munari and Boris Wild.

Easy Card Book:  This book has 26 of the very best card tricks you can do with any deck. 

Deck Of Cards: Standard Poker size and Bicycle Playing Cards.

Close Up Mat: CLOSE-UP PAD: Performance board, black 12" x 16.5" black velvet like a covered board, an eighth of an inch thick. Can be used in close up professional magic.

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This is an easy card trick for any magician to perform and look like a professional.



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