Neck and Wrist Escape Set Expand
Neck and Wrist Escape Set

Neck and Wrist Escape Set

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  • Neck Restraint 
  • Chain Handcuffs
  • Houdini Handcuffs and Leg irons Book
  • Houdini Rope Ties and Escapes Book


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Comes with aluminum carrying case!


Perfect for the Houdini Collector or Escape Artist.

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A specially gimmicked stainless steel neck shackle for the escape artist. Can be examined and appears completely innocent, yet permits you to escape from this in seconds. Ideal for use with wrist shackles, ankle irons and other similar props for escape acts.

The performer can instantly escape from, or get into these shackles, comprising of a link with chains on both ends, which are padlocked around his wrists. Heavy duty stainless steel prop, complete with padlocks. Use by itself, or conjunction with other similar escape props.

Magical Rope Ties and Escapes (1921) by Harry Houdini Houdini is considered the most famous magician in the world. This is his classic work on how to perform ties and methods of escape from rope shackles, whose content range from the unpretentious Thumb Tie to the spectacular escape from being bound to a cannon wheel. Read this interesting text full of anecdotes of Houdini's experiences. A must have in any serious magic collection.

By Richard Charles Wresch. A book with descriptions and photographs of various handcuffs and leg irons used and owned by HOUDINI. This is of great interest to modern day escape artists.

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