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Mailbag Escape

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Heavy canvas bag can be examined by members of the audience.  Padlocks on the outside of the bag, spectators can use their own locks.  You are locked INSIDE--yet you are able to escape and the bag and locks found to be still fastened shut!  Comes complete with instructions.

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The performer is locked with padlocks in a largely examined canvas bag, using an examined metal rod inserted through metal eyelets in the bag. He escapes in moments. Use it as an act by itself, or with other escape props like handcuffs. All props and instructions included. Large Canvas Bag Solid Steel A Pair of Large Padlocks with Keys

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Needle Thru Balloon

The magician blows up a balloon and places a needle right through it--penetrating all the way from one side through the other.  The balloon does not burst!  The needle is removed and it is still inflated.  It can be popped to end the routine.  Great magic at its best.  Easy to do.



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