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Boris Wild's Kiss Count

Boris Wild's Kiss Count



The new count that will make your effects smarter and more stylish. This DVD has Boris teaching three different variations of the Kiss count. Also included is Boris Wild's FISM Award winning act "the Kiss Act."

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Boris wild's Kiss count is a new move in card magic that you will love to perform. The handling is particularly elegant as the cards run from hand to hand in a very smooth, aesthetic way! Boris teaches you in detail, the three different variations he has developed for his Kiss count. Each variation is described through a simple application that you will be able to learn immediately. Then you will enjoy the performance and explanations of three of the best routines especially created Kiss Count. Finally, get ready for one of the most amazing card acts you have ever seen. Boris Wild performs the latest version of FISM Award winning act "The Kiss Act," a pure jewel of poetry and emotion. Filmed in Las Vegas, this video is a must have.

Performance and Explanation of the "Kiss Count's" three Variations:

-Variation 1: Vanishing Lips

-Variation 2: Joker to Poker

-Variation 3: The Favorite Ace

Performance and Explanation of three original effects using the Kiss Count:

-Traveling Kiss

-Wild's Wild Card

-7-Card Assembly

Performance of the FISM Award Winning Act "The Kiss Act"

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