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Extreme Card Moves

Extreme Card Moves

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Are you ready to get extreme? includes: swing swivel spin, cyclone cut, triangle cut, card toss, flick and more!

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On this DVD, you will learn some of the most visually stunning cards moves possible. These amazing card stunts can be done with any deck of cards. Each move is carefully taught step-by-step so you can become extreme. On This DVD: Swing Swivel Spin Four Ace Production The Deck Flips Sugoi Ne Waterfall Card Toss J.B. Masterpiece Sling Shot Card Sling Shot Card Variation One Finger Spin Extreme Twist Extreme Twist Ext. Version 1 Extreme Twist Ext. Version 2 Cyclone Cut Revolution Cut The Hut Triangle Cut The Card Burst The Grasshopper Card One Hand Revolution Teleportation Flickr Snap Toss Extreme Color Changes Back Handed Fan Chango Card

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