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Shriek of the Mutilated

The magician takes out a package of cigarette paper and takes out a piece. The paper is ripped into four pieces and rolled into a small ball. The magician then brings out a needle and pushes the ball onto the end of it. Then, a lighter is introduced, held up to the ball, and WHOOSH!! A flame erupts, but the ball is still seen on the needle. Unrolling the paper, it is seen that the previously torn sheet is completely restored.

Stranger’s Gallery

The magician takes out three predictions from a blue-backed deck of cards, and the spectator selects a card, say the 9 of Diamonds. The magician then shows that the predictions all match the selected card. However, since there can’t be four of the same cards in the same deck, the three predictions completely change to three different backs from different decks. The original blue deck is then shown to match none of the cards since it has changed to a red deck!

Play it Straight (Triumph)

The spectator selects a card from the deck, and the magi proceeds to shuffle the deck face-up/face-down triumph style, showing clearly at each shuffle that the cards indeed face different ways. “Wouldn’t it be great if I could find your card in this mixed up deck?” the magician asks, but then he realizes that the spectator didn’t put her card back into the deck. Seeing that there might be a chance to still find out what the card is, the magician asks the spectator for the suit of her card, which is hearts, and, with a snap, he spreads the deck to show that the only cards face-up are the hearts in sequential order with one missing card, which is the selection!

Vacuum Packed

The magi brings out a small glass bottle with two aspirin (since this is so shocking the spectator will need them) and a burnt out match. He explains that the match, which was lit when it was placed in the glass, creates a vacuum seal (that’s right, this trick sucks!). A quarter is borrowed from the spectator and is slammed right into the bottle! The bottle is opened and the match and aspirin poured out, but the coin is too large for the opening. The magi brings out a pair of tweezers and visually pulls out the coin from the bottle and returns it to the spectator! Everything can be examined.

One is the Onliest

The magi borrows a quarter and has it signed by the spectator. He then goes into a one-coin routine (can be any routine, but the one Bannon teaches is great). At the end of the routine, the coin changes into a giant coin (and there “couldn’t be a switch” since “your initials” is written on the back of the coin). A bag is seen on the table, and cleanly with empty hands, the magi removes several different items from the bag (nest of boxes style). At the end, the signed quarter is found!

Shock Treatment

Before the trick begins, the magi places a card into his pocket, dubbing it the “card of mystery”. One spectator chooses a card, and another spectator thinks of a card of a different color than the first spectator’s. The selected card is lost into the deck, and the magician has the second spectator deal cards onto the table equal to twice the value of his thought-of-card. When the magi reveals the card dealt to, it is the first selected card! The magi asks what card the second spectator thought of and then reaches into his pocket to show that the card in his pocket was the thought-of-card!

Heart of the City

The magician shows a sealed envelope on the table and does not touch it again until the end of the effect. He takes out three predictions from the deck, and the spectator chooses a card and signs it. The magician then gives the spectator several intuition tests and has the spectator choose another card from the deck (let’s say it’s the queen of spades). The magi responds that the spectator’s intuition must be amazing since the three prediction cards are the other three queens. The magi then takes it one step further and opens up the envelope to reveal one card inside. When the card is flipped over, it’s the spectator’s original signed card!

Directed Verdict IV

The spectator cuts four packets from the deck, and the top card of each packet is an ace!

The Birnman Revelation

A four ace production.

Shanghai Surprise

A magician introduces a half dollar, vanishes it, and makes it reappear. He then makes it change places with a coin from London to an English penny. He then produces the half dollar back, and then the two coins change into two Chinese coins.

Revolutionary Penetration

A Chinese coin and a string are introduced. The string is threaded through the coin and placed in a spectator’s hand. With a pull, the string magically penetrates through the coin!

Photo Logic

The spectator selects a card from the deck. The magi introduces a bag of red slips of paper and takes out a piece. He shows both sides and has the spectator sign one side of the slip. It is then placed under a glass, and a flash cube is brought out, touched to the glass, and WHOOSH!! A flash occurs, and when the glass is removed and the paper turned over, an image of the selected card appears!

Return of the Magnificant 7

A group of cards of the opposite color of the deck are introduced, and they are all shown to be one card, say the Jack of Hearts. The spectator selects a card from the deck (say the Nine of Spades), and the magi explains that if it were a prediction effect, he would be wrong not just once but seven times and counts the opposite color cards to be seven. Three of the cards and the selected card are taken, and, one at a time, the cards change into the Nine of Spades. Taking the next card in line, that card is changed as well, and the last few cards are picked up and changed to the selection, leaving the original card and seven opposite-colored Nine of Spades! Everything can be examined!

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No Tear Newspaper

The classic no tear tore and restored newspaper now come complete with a full instructional DVD. Chapters include performance, explanation, bonus tips and a chapter on jokes/gags, that are perfect for this routine. Show several torn pieces of newspaper, read a joke from each piece.



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