Michael Skinner Volume 3- 2 DVD set Expand
Michael Skinner Volume 3- 2 DVD set

Michael Skinner Volume 3- 2 DVD set

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Michael Skinner was one of the best close-up magicians in the world and his professional repertoire was considered the largest and most versatile in the business.  This DVD series features performances and explanations to many of his best routines. Watch the master in action.

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Home Video Footage in a Non-Studio Setting!

     There is no doubt that Michael Skinner is a legend in the magic community, and was considered by many to be the finest close-up artist in the world, unassuming and gentle of heart.

     His deliberate style, warm personality, flawless sleight of hand and unending repertoire, children and gamblers have witnessed his dazzling skills. From his beginnings in Rochester to his journey to the Magic Castle, and subsequently two guest appearances on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, Michael Skinner remains the consummate performer.

     Michael leaves his legacy as being the Magician-In-Residence at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas for more than 20 years. Casino mogul Steve Wynn said it all by commenting that, “The greatest tribute to Michael is the respect and esteem he has received from other members of his profession. For 20 years other magicians have made pilgrimages to wherever he was working.”

     Dai Vernon, Michael’s mentor, said in an inscription to Michael, “...who deceives me continually.”

     It is indeed an honor to bring Michael’s repertoire to the magical fraternity. Young and old will be inspired by these rare glimpses of Michael, “In performance,” in a non-studio setting,  unproduced.

     And yes, Michael is still fooling us!

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Color Vision

While out of sight of the magician, a spectator places a cube with different colors on each side into a covered box. The Magician announces that he can read the spectator's mind -- and accurately names the selected color. This can be repeated!  Everything can be examined.  Easy to do.



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