DVD Slow Motion Newspaper Tear Expand
DVD Slow Motion Newspaper Tear

DVD Slow Motion Newspaper Tear


This is the smoothest version of the classic torn and restored newspaper you have ever seen! NICK LEWIN, one of the top magicians in the world  teaches you his own handling of Alex Elmsley's brilliant effect is the routine he has closed his show for 30 years. Check out the standing ovation that Nick gets in the video clip on this page.

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The slow motion element turns a good trick into a huge applause getter that allows the audience to register every amazing stage of the restoration. Every single move and subtlety in the preparation and presentation of the routine are explained in detail. If you want to add this classic effect to your repertoire there is no better way to learn it. The instruction on this DVD is meticulous and complete. The performers POV video that illustrates the construction of the gimmick shows exactly how to do it RIGHT. Not one move, tip, or wrinkle is left unrevealed, it is a true learning experience.

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Magician displays two black 9 cards and instantly changes them to two red tens. Mark Mason's 2wenty1 trick with DVD




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