QIf I join the Houdini's Magic Club, do I get my discounts immediately?

A: Yes you will get immediate discounts when you order a membership, however they will not be noted on your confirmation. Discounts are applied at the time that your order is physically processed at our headquarters.


QDo I need my club membership number to place my order?

A: No you do not need your membership number to place your order, orders are cross referenced by name after they are received, and at this point discounts are given to the members.


Q: Does Houdini's Magic Shop ship internationally?

A: Yes we ship anywhere in the world, provided we have all necessary information in the processing of an order.


Q: Can I pay after I receive my merchandise?

A: We must have a method of payment before shipping merchandise to a customer. We do not offer billing as a payment option.


Q: How long will it take for my order to reach me?

A: Your order will be shipped on the same day it is received in most cases, however, if merchandise is out of stock and has to be ordered, we will notify you of the delay and proceed at your direction. A short delay may occur if we are experiencing a high volume of orders. Orders will be shipped out in the order that they are received.


Q: Does Houdini's Magic Shop offer express shipping or USPS?

A: We do offer express shipping at the customers request. Extra fees for express shipping do apply. Lower fees apply for USPS.



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