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Houdini Souvenir Program

Houdini Souvenir Program

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This is an actual reproduction of the souvenir program sold at HOUDINI's shows in the lobby of the theaters during the 1925-26 season  He was presenting his performances on a coast-to-coast tour(s) of North America.

Very interesting historical item relating to HOUDINI.

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Those interested in the life and career of HOUDINI will be fascinated to see this reproduction of a souvenir program sold in the lobby of the theaters were HOUDINI was doing his shows during the 1925-26 coast-to-coast tour(s) of North America.  

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Houdini's Credit Card

On one side is a credit card and on the other, a black and white circle. By moving the card in a circular motion a coin optically appears inside the circle. Turn the card over and a quarter appears.



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