Steel ball thru glass Expand
Steel ball thru glass

Steel ball thru glass



A small sheet of glass is placed in a wooden box with a cut out on the front & bottom. A  steel ball is inserted into the cutout and PRESTO it penetrates right through the glass! Signed and numbered Limited edition of 50.

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A small and very elegant walnut box are displayed and examined. The lid is opened and a solid plate of glass fills the entire interior of the box. The glass is examined by the spectator, who drops it back into the box and closes the lid. You ask the spectator to pick up the chrome steel ball that has been in full view and places it into the hole on the top of the box. You now hold the box up to the spectator's eye level and as you gently shake the box, the steel ball is seen to penetrate the glass and fall through the box and onto the floor or the spectator's cupped hands! Beautifully handmade walnut box with inlay. Box, steel ball, and glass can be completely examined before and after.

The box is solid walnut and measures 2 1/2 x 1 by 3 1/2 inches All the hardware is solid brass or pewter and the Steel ball is 1 inch in diameter

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