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DVD included! 101 tricks you can do with this effect. Featuring tricks of the greats!

Lance Burton's Salt Vanish, Penn and Teller's Macho Cigarette, Dai Vernon's Kick Steal, Siegfried and Roy's Goldfish Creations and more!

 This is the adult size, for smaller hands purchase junior size 02-2966.

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Learn how to become an expert Thumb Tip Vanisher. This book provides all the basics, and then some.

Imagine having the power to vanish nearly any small object, in any situation, whenever you want. That's the sort of versatility a Thumb Tip can provide you with. The Thumb Tip is commonly used by amateur magicians. But professionals find it indispensable to their work, too. With careful thinking and a minimum amount of practice, you can use the Thumb Tip in a number of ways to astound even the most hardened audience. The step by step instructions in this book give you all the details on how to work miracles with this secret device.

Thumb Tip(diameter x height): Approx. 2 x 4.5cm (0.8 x 1.8 inch) • Flesh-colored imitation thumb tip, made of plastic • A cloth is pushed into the empty fist. The hand is then opened to show the silk has vanished! • Alternately a cloth can be produced from the empty hand! • So incredible and amazing!

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Rising Card

Arne- Bicycle


The magician has three spectators each selects a card.  They are then placed back into the deck.  The cards are now placed into a glass or cup and upon his command, each card rises one-by-one out of the deck!




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