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A ring is borrowed and placed into a box said to polish it. The ring is heard to rattle in the box as it is shaken to set the ring properly for cleaning.  The spectator is asked to turn the crank to begin the process. Suddenly a cracking sound is heard as the magician says, "Oh no! you didn’t set the ring properly."  It is opened and ring found damaged--but it is restored by magic. 

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Open the front door and dump it out we’ll start again. The spectator opens the front door and finds the ring has been crushed into tiny pieces. The pieces are placed into a handkerchief and made to disappear. The ring is then found fully restored wherever the magician chooses, such as Lippincott Box, Delta Ring Box, Nest of Boxes or Emperors Orange Box.

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Bendable Pen

Pen will bend for the magician but for nobody else! 



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