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Royal Flash



Mark Mason's Royal Flash is an instant marvel. Change five random cards into a royal flush in a flash.

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All new style royal flash

The magician runs through any deck and removes 5 indifferent cards.
The 5 cards are displayed BOTH BACK & FRONT at your fingertips.
The following description sounds impossible but is accurate.

Without any moves, cover etc. the cards all change, leaving you holding a ROYAL FLUSH!
The 10,J,Q,K and Ace of spades are tossed onto the table one card at a time, showing both sides of every card.
NO False Counts
No Mis-Indexed Cards
NO Rough & Smooth!
NO Rubber Hinges or Tape!
Gimmick Does 95% of the Trick!
Very Easy to Do!
comes with custom made gimmick and step by step DVD instructions. Custom print by USPCC.

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