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Spectator can write a word, number or draw a picture on a piece of paper.  It is placed inside your wallet and you can read the spectator's mind and tell them what they wrote.  From Bob Swadling and Mark Mason's "Know it all Wallet."  

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Know It All Wallet

From Bob Swadling & Mark Mason comes the brilliant Know It All wallet.

This innocent looking, hand-crafted wallet contains a deadly electronic secret.

This is a pro quality prop that will fit right into any mentalist, close up, stand up performer's repertoire. It can even be used performing for children.

Spectators are asked to remove any objects from the wallet, i.e. driver's license, money, any credit cards, insurance card, ID card etc. The magician can immediately tell what was removed from the wallet. You never touch the wallet, any peak of any kind. You will love the method. There is an incredible, unexplainable kicker.
Inside the wallet is a prediction. The spectator removes the prediction and printed in black, bold ink is the exact items that each spectator removed.

You will love the quality of this wallet. These were designed by Bob and were made in top quality leather.
The Know It All Wallet comes complete with DVD instructions featuring
Know It All 3 persons.
Know It All One on One.
Any Object Chapter.
Know it all Bonus routine.
Extra handling tips and ideas.

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