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This is a beautiful piece of magic that is very well made. Have a coin jump from the coin box to pocket, back under the coin box then under a chosen card. A very artfully designed piece of close-up magic. Comes with a special metal coin box and instructional DVD.

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I am positive if you could look up Bob Swadling, in a dictionary, next to his name it would say quality magic.
This incredible piece of precision-made apparatus, allows you to perform super-clean coin vanishes, productions, and penetrations.

Every Bob's Box has been CNC machined and then individually hand finished. You hold a true miracle at your fingertips.
Unlike any other coin boxes, these slim-line, black anodized units contain a deadly secret, that is both devious & ingenious. .
Everything fits into any performer's pocket. It has a 2-second reset. We guarantee this will leave any audience with their mouths wide open.
Every Bob's Box comes with:
1 X Custom made black anodized box
2 X Specially gimmicked half dollars.
1 X set of custom-made cards.
1 X Velvet carrying bag.
1 X Instructional DVD.

Bob's NO MOVE routine - Bob performs and teaches every step of his NO MOVES coin box routine.
Coins or Cards -Mark Mason performs a killer commercial routine, you will love it.
Commercial Coins Thru Table- Bob's anytime, anywhere, coins thru table.
What No Table - A strolling, in the hands version of Bob's NO MOVES routine.
Powerpack - Bob combines his box with the Ultimate Power Pack (Not explained)

Plus Bonus ideas and handlings

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Zombie Ball- mini

The performer covers a large silver ball with a beautiful cloth (supplied). The performer holds onto the cloth by the corners. Like magic, the ball begins to float underneath the cloth seemingly on its own! Next the ball appears on top of the cloth then drops back down as if it has a life of its own.



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