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A beautiful piece of close-up magic where two ropes are passed through the box separately and come out the top linked all the while the ends of the ropes are in view of the spectator.  Other baffling mysteries can be performed with this.  Comes with DVD instructions.  Easy to do.

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Dean's Box is Handsomely crafted from select hardwoods and accented with antiqued brass hardware. It is all a quality prop should be. Attention to the most minute detail has ensured that each Box will function effortlessly and without mechanical mishap, thus allowing the performer to concentrate fully on the presentation of the effect. I encourage you to put your own ideas and creativity to work  to make this miracle even greater.

The many testimonials by those who have seen DEAN'S BOX performed attest to its astounding, mind-numbing, jaw-dropping impact.

"Dean's Box allows you to perform an incredible effect with two everyday objects and a beautiful piece of apparatus. I saw Dean fool a room full of magicians with this ever-so-clever routine. You will marvel at its simplicity and effectiveness." .......... Mike Caveney

"I am utterly baffled by Dean's Magic Box." .......... John Carney

"Dean has taken a startling effect with the most direct method possible and gave it a new look and new life. This will fool you, it will fool your audience, and it is actually fun to perform. I ordinarily do not like box tricks, but I think Dean's latest creation is the exception to the rule." .......... Michael Weber

"This is truly an amazing effect, and it's really spooky." ......... T. C. Tahoe

"Dean's Box is loaded with secrets that would make Pandora jealous. Buy it, use it, write it off your taxes." .......... Pat Hazell

"The box is empty, the ropes are real, the ring is solid and I was a kid again. I haven't been fooled like this for a very long time. This diabolical trick is what good magic is all about. The routine is simple, powerful and destined to become a classic. The box is beautifully constructed, so is the routine. It will fool all who see it, bar none." .......... David Williamson

"This was the best trick by far, at the May 2000 A1 Convention this year. Dean's Box fooled me badly." .......... Martin Lewis

"I loved your box - it's one of the most magical experiences I've had in a long, long time. Oh, and by the way, it fooled me badly! This quote sums up my experience; use it if you like... "It's thrills and chills to witness Dean's Box. Your imagination soars as increasingly strange things take place inside of the miniature spirit cabinet.".......... John Kennedy

"It hurts to be fooled that bad." ............... Tony Clark

"And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch." ......... Jesus  Mark 13:37


  • One autographed Dean's Box with curtains
  • One 4' red rope and one 4' white rope
  • Two 2" Brass rings
  • Instructional VHS Tape.

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