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Zig Zag Pencil
Zig Zag Pencil Zig Zag Pencil Zig Zag Pencil

Zig Zag Pencil



Break a pencil into three pieces and then restore them back into one piece!

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A pencil is magically divided into three pieces and restored. Pencil can be examined. Crayon, dollar bill, straw. Duplicate item and place in in the zig zag kit. Watch it break into 3 pieces or vanish at the blink of an eye

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Three Ace Monte Plus

The THREE ACE MONTE is a variation of the old swindle Three Card Monte, except with this you entertain your audience instead of take their money. Three cards shown; idea is to keep your eye on the money card which is the Ace.  No matter how hard they try it is never where they think it is.



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