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spongeball set with DVD and book

Sponge Ball Set with DVD and Book

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Perform a wide range of magic with these soft sponge balls. Make them vanish, appear and multiply, even in a spectator's hand. Includes four balls and instructions. These balls are smaller than the standard 2-inch balls used by most magicians. Consequently, they are perfect for smaller hands. Or tricks requiring a little closer inspection.

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Imagine plucking a red ball out of a bag-less purse, making it vanish, and having it reappear in the spectator's closed fist. These sponge balls are suitable to vanish, appear, change places, and multiply in your hands and in theirs. Incredible magic can happen!

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Coin Slide

Make a coin vanish, change, and reappear in the magic coin slide You place a nickel in the slot and slide it in the wood box It changes into a dime Also coins disappear and reappear



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